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What is Methallylescaline Fumarate?

Methallylescaline Fumarate is a novel research chemical that falls under the phenethylamine class of chemicals. This chemical is very new, so it does not have an long history of laboratory experimental results. If you decide to experiment with Methallylescaline Fumarate, you will be a pioneer.

A number of preliminary experiments have been done, however. These experiments indicate that chemical researchers can expect the following findings when experimenting with Methallylescaline Fumarate: stimulation, spontaneous body sensations. Also physical euphoria, tactile enhancement, color enhancement, internal hallucination, conceptual thinking, and increased music appreciation.


Where to buy Methallylescaline Fumarate Online?

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Methallylescaline Fumarate Legality

Because Methallylescaline Fumarate is so new, it is unscheduled and therefore legal in most nations. It may be illegal in some nations with strong analogue laws, such as the United States, because it could be considered an analogue to mescaline.

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