Florida White (F+) mushroom strain


Classification: Hallucinogenic

Substrates: Equine dung and Enriched soils

Temperature: Subtropical

Strain Origin: Laboratory



Florida White (F+) mushroom strain

Florida White (F+) mushroom strain often gets ‘put off’ because it’s name include ‘F+’ which most people associate with failure. It is however an A+ strain and is a favorite among experienced growers for the vivid visuals it provides. It will grow medium sized fruits very similar to the Texas strain. It is higher in potency typically and because it is very dense it doesn’t lose a lot of size in drying.

Trick: For The”in the know” researcher, this is a FAVORITE. Research in nature shows medium-sized veggies with density rather like that of the Texas strain.

Moderate high power together with exciting visuals (under an array ). This one is in the very top ten of my favorite breeds to research over and above! Included with every syringe buy One 10cc syringe: 1 sterile 16 gauge needle each syringe bought and an alcohol prep pad. Sought in horse manure military police here, dried in the sun for a month, was short and almost odorless. After nibbling coconut fiber, sphagnum, vermiculite and joined coconut powder, the quantity used without precise measurements. Finally joined the manure, I got a bag of about 40 kg of this material.
I put a quantity of this material in a bowl with holes in the bottom and added water to stay moist as well. The basin was up to the pan with water and took it to the oven. It’s a bath without water contact, only the steam rises and heats the contents of the bowl. I followed the temperature with a digital thermometer and when it reached 70 ° C hung fire. The covered bowl rested for 24 hours then be heated again. This process took 3 days to get the material pasteurized.
All ready, prepared the casing mixing cups corn colonized and pasteurized material.